Wheel Booting

A Parking Management Device


The Cable Clamp - A wheel immobilizer for the growing parking enforcement industry

Proprietary to our company, the Cable Clamp has carved out a reputation in the parking industry, over the last seven years as the boot that offers the perfect balance of strength and versatility. The unique design offers the operator many advantages over other boot models. These advantages were built into the device to allow the operator to perform at the highest level of efficiency possible.

Extremely compact, i.e. 10 or more can be carried in a small fuel efficient patrol vehicle.

Another Advantage

The device fits all the wheel sizes that you will encounter with no adjustment required.

We stand behind this product 100% and we offer
a 5 year warranty on the device.


    • One size fits all wheels and tires from small cars to large trucks
    • Easily installed in under 20 seconds
    • No special tools required
    • Light Weight - 20 lbs
    • Solid steel construction
    • Heavy duty tire puncher spikes
    • Anti-cut plate and cable
    • Very compact
    • Half the size and half the price of the standard industry boot
    • Anti-scratch tips
    • Can be master keyed

This lock has been received with excellent reviews.

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