LPR - License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition Software & Hardware


Developed over nine years, our License Plate Recognition software's capture engine uses multiple advanced methods for both plate finding and OCR. The processing rates of up to 500 images per second on a standard 2.4 GHz Dual Core PC is above industry standards. This leads to very high acccuracy and mulitple lane processing ability.

This combination of speed and accuracy is often lacking in competitive products.

Together the front-end capture engine working seamlessly with dedicated mobile unit parking matrix software that networks in real-time with our cloud based license plate management software creates a revolutionary license plate scanning tool that can be used cross platform in many transportation industries. This technology offers operaters the ability to become leaders in their field.

We offer a License Plate Recognition Management system that takes parking inventory & control to the highest level of speed, accuracy and efficiency available.

High Quality Hardware

We offer a variety of high quality hardware: IR and colour over view cameras, from compact single colour NTSC cameras to multi lane dedicted IR cameras that are used in both mobile and static, access control applications.